Mae Fox Photography: Blog en-us (C) Mae Fox Photography (Mae Fox Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:23:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:23:00 GMT Mae Fox Photography: Blog 90 120 MIKAYLA+MICAH Can we just talk about how stinkin' adorable this couple is?! I mean come on! I teamed up with Ashley from A. Nicole Artistry (seriously guys, check her out, she is MAD talented!!!!!) for this styled shoot for Mikayla and Micah. Quite a bit of time has passed since we took these photos, but what's new? I don't blog often. I think I labor over blogging due to the fact of wanting to tell the perfect story through the photos, to help anyone that perchance may stumble across my humble page, to feel the emotions captured from this day. Scroll on down and hopefully you can sense the love and joy that I saw that day.


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STYLED SESSION I have been holding onto these photos for quite some time, and finally... FINALLY. I am ready to share :) I was able to work with some AMAZING creatives:

Cake // Sweet Creations By Candi //

MUA // Makeup Artistry by Carla //

Menu and Calligraphy // Foster Pen and Ink //





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DAHI+ROS || Newnan Georgia Photographer Where do I even begin with gushing over these two? I love them and they love each other in the most perfect, beautiful way. Nuff said. From sharing current music obsessions, Taylor Swift song dissections, and married-life story swaps Dahiana and I share a womance that no one can top. LOL! Ros and Dahiana though have a love between them that I have witnessed among my years of knowing them that is real and inspiring. So, want a glimpse of proof that the newly wed phase doesn't have to end? 


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SHAUNA CLASS of 2017 || Newnan Georgia Senior Photographer

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CAILTIN+BOSTON || Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer Let's be honest here, I have fallen off the face of the earth. But here's a lovely look into the latest wedding we photographed! The first look in a greenhouse, a Hudson classic car to drive away into the night because naturally their last name is Hudson, AND a surprise Star Wars themed grooms cake... and please forgive the bajillion shots of the rings, but come on, they are too pretty not to be appreciated!

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Adilene + Alex Photobombing cows. Crazy humidity. Two beautiful people in love. Adilene and Alex were absolutely sweet and stunning! You can just see how much love and laughter they bring into each others lives! Being just a small part of each couple's story and being able to document it means so much to me and I am forever grateful for the chance to do so :)


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Libee Let the record show that spontaneous sessions are the BEST! I met Libee through my mother-in-law and pretty much 30 minutes after meeting her, I asked her if she would be willing to model... as you can see by my blog, I have been so busy with moving, working, etc. I haven't been around here lately. Before the session, I ran to Goodwill in hopes of finding a romantic, flow dress (although my expectations were quite low, since it is my experience that Goodwill only carries hideous 80's, puffy sleeved dresses)... Wouldn't you believe it there was!!! There it was in all it's lavender, flow glory, all mine for a little over $2!! I'd also had this beautiful, ornate gold dress I'd been holding onto for a special occasion (like a wedding I'd actually attend as a guest for). Anyway, I figured, these two dresses would be perfect for the photos I had in mind. And oh. my. goodness. were they EVER! See for yourself:


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KESIA+ALEX I've always found it a challenge to find a variety of settings to use for session. And by variety, I mean, I wish I lived in California and had mountains, coastlines, and deserts to choose from within reasonable distance away. Unfortunately, I am an Atlanta-based photographer, so there is a lack of deserts and coastlines to choose from in Georgia. However, I recently just discovered Arabia Mountain. Life changing. Pools of water, glorious green moss, flat plateaus of rocks... It literally reminds me so much of the landscapes that riddle California! Imagine, we have a little piece of Cali right here in Georgia! Now being an Atlanta-based photographer doesn't seem too terrible ;)

Now, onto Kesia and Alex...


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Miss S Class of 2016 // Newnan Georgia Senior Photographer

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SYDNEY CLASS OF 2016 || Newnan Georgia Senior Photographer Sydney was absolutely a DREAM to photograph!!! What else can I say? She has a quiet beauty and a quiet confidence that just shines! She has an incredible sense of style and came prepared with ideas and props. (Which is Step 1 to making your photographer love you, by the way.) I can't wait to see where this lovely girl goes in life! Enjoy her photos!

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CAITLYN+OMAR II Newnan Georgia Engagement Photographer I have known Caitlyn for years! So you can imagine my excitement when she told me that she was engaged and asked ME to photograph them! Each time someone trusts me to photograph an important moment in their life, I am beyond honored! You have no idea. Caitlyn and Omar are so clearly in love and so incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. Enjoy their photos!

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BEHIND THE SCENES || CAITLYN+OMAR I am beyond excited to share a behind the scenes look of what it's like to book a session with me! We had such an incredible time putting this together and I hope you enjoy! Trust me, we have loads of fun during every session!

Mae Fox Photography from Cody Fox on Vimeo.

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Brenda Arrowood // Senior Rep 2016 // East Coweta High School When I began photographing, I was fresh out of high school surrounded by peers that were high school students as well. But how I wasted it. I was young, inexperienced, and unsure of where I wanted to go in my career as a photographer. Heck, I wasn't even planning on becoming a photographer. I was going to college to study radiology and work in the medical field.

Now, 7 years later, I am finally learning that high school students, high school seniors specifically, are my calling. My best work has come from photographing young, vibrant, and stylish seniors. Sadly, though, 7 years since high school has made me so out of touch with the young, hip crowd. I knew of no one I could ask. So, I began my Senior Rep program this year asking around and contacting people via Facebook. And guess what? Brenda responded! I am so thankful that she did.  Her photos turned out absolutely STUNNING and exactly what I envisioned! She knew how to pose in front of the camera without much directing and she was so willing to try everything that I asked. 


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The Kerce Family This gorgeous family!!! Lindsey, Devon, and baby Aella were absolutely a dream to photograph! Aella smiled and cooed happily throughout the session and stole my heart with her piercing blue eyes. Devon and Lindsey were so adorable together as a couple and the love they have for Aella made my heart feel so full! Their complete trust and laid back approach to their photographs made it so easy for me to get good shots. Enjoy!

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The Wilson Family I am forever grateful for families that trust me wholeheartedly to photograph and document their family's growth and love. The Wilsons drove all the way up from Columbus to meet me for their family photos. On top of that, Ken, just days before had had a sports injury. Despite said injury and crutches, Ken was so willing to go and do whatever I asked for the photos. I couldn't help but wonder if he was thinking to himself, "And I am paying her for this?!" Haha. But he made no complaints. Bre, his wife, stunning as she is, braved the briars and was so calm and relaxed. I loved it! Did I mention that I love it when moms are relaxed and calm about photo sessions? Any who, Dom, their adorable son is a baby genius. I have only heard of babies speaking sign language and communicating what they want and need, but I had never seen it before. It was seriously one of the neatest things I'd ever seen watching him tell his mom with his hands exactly what he wanted be it milk, food, or more. Well, that's enough of me, enjoy the photos!

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(C) Bill Yoder

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Floral Crowns+Teepee Mini Sessions Today, I along with my sister attempted to make floral crowns... And we succeeded! I may give up photography and take up making floral crowns for a living! I still have a couple openings for the teepee themed mini sessions (which will be beyond epic!) The decor and props will include: a teepee (of course), a vintage globe, typewriter, vintage suitcases, these floral/cotton crowns, coca cola crates, an heirloom quilt, and a gorgeous wide open field! Gosh, I can barely contain my excitement! Email me at to book a spot!



(C) Bill Yoder


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Anthropologie+Ruche Inspired Session Just recently, a friend lent me his Canon Rebel G, a film camera. FILM. I am both in awe of film and am absolutely terrified of it! There's an absolution to photos taken on film that irrationally scares me yet, there is a beauty to film photography that I have been dying to have in my photographs. So, to take the plunge and photograph on film I asked Emily last minute to model for me. Sadly, (or so I thought), the day was poo poo. Rain, cloudy skies, wet... Everything was just drenched. Regardless, Emily and I braved the wet and cold and took photos. Some on Instax film, some on Porta 400 film, some on digital... Let me just say, I am so glad the day was poo poo because the pictures? The pictures, they were magic! See for yourself. Film scans will be shared soon, if any come out of course!


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Elizabeth+Jeff I don't even know where to begin in explaining how much I truly enjoyed this wedding!! Elizabeth has such a classic, effortless beauty and Jeff is ruggedly handsome and clearly in love with this beautiful woman. He didn't smile much, but when he did it was because of his wife, Elizabeth.

Their wedding took place at Sweet Home Plantation located in Pine Mountain, GA. It's a historic mansion built sometime in the 1800s I believe. Gorgeous. Truly gorgeous. Did I tell you it was GORGEOUS?! It had such charm and nostalgia and it is by far one of my most favorite venues that I've shot at thus far. I cannot begin to express how important a beautiful venue is for beautiful photography! Just a small tip for any future brides: Pick a room that has an abundance of window light for where you and your girls get ready. That is the secret to all of these magical Pinterest photos where someone has captured such a stunning moment of putting on the dress. Window light, my friends, window light is crucial!!!

Moving onward... The wedding party: Amazesauce! Most of the time the photographer at weddings is ignored and the quietly avoided social leper in the room. And I get it, no one knows the photographer and most of the time, no one wants their photo taken. This wedding party on the other hand invited me with welcome arms and would stand and talk to me as if I were part of their circle. Loved it!

Elizabeth and Jeff, thanks so much for trusting me to document your special day!


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(C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder


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(C) Bill Yoder

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The Reets Family Could this couple get any cuter?! The answer is no! Cuteness achieved! This beautiful, kind couple just welcomed their new little one a little over a week ago and believe you me he's one handsome little guy. I'm so glad we were able to squeeze in a maternity session just a couple weeks shy of his birth. The colors were breathtaking and oh so perfect! Enjoy!

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The Beilen Family I love, love, love the Beilen family!!! They really know how to dress and are just downright photogenic. They are good friends of mine, and I am forever indebted to Rebekah for helping out with our wedding last year. Matt and Rebekah's kids were so much fun! They had ideas for poses and loved getting their photos taken. Everything about their session encompasses the whole feeling of fall. See for yourself!  

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The Stewart Family Stylish family sessions for dayssssss! Here is one of them! There is so much love in this family, it's absolutely breathtaking. This family was so stylish and so perfect at following the directions I gave. The weather was perfect... as was the sun... and their outfits... LOL! And by the way, this was their first time EVER getting professional photos done. Crazy, right? They look like veterans! Enjoy!

(C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder


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September 2014 Shoot Out Holy crap! Get ready for a lovely overload! I have been wanting to get a photo day together with my other photographer friends but have had such a busy year, so imagine how excited I was when this day finally happened. I was really scared that it would rain, but thankfully it held off. We had such amazing ladies that were so willing to model and they were absolutely natural. I'd give them very vague instructions and they'd just run with it! We also went for a vintage theme and I've been exploring a more film-like edit with all my photos. Enjoy!

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China and Korea Last week, we just arrived back from our two and a half week trip through Korea and China. Which was truly amazing, by the way. Here are a few things I've learned while in Korea and China:

1. Korean BBQ is just as good in Korea as it is in the States. Go figure.

2. Ginseng flavored candy, which seems to be very popular in Korea, is quite nasty.

3. When they China is overpopulated, they ain't kiddin'. Because of overpopulation, the concept of personal space is almost nonexistent.

4. Bingsu. Look it up. Try it immediately.

5. The Great Wall is indeed as majestic and breathtaking as they say.

6. Korean coffee houses are top notch and are way better than Starbucks. Not that Starbucks was ever really that awesome.

7. I am so thankful that I have a husband that enjoys trying new foods, enjoys traveling to unfamiliar places, and has an excellent sense of direction and is a beast at navigating.

With that being said, I also had a chance to photograph my brother-in-law's senior portraits in China on the Great Wall and in Korea. Enjoy!

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A New Hobby I have discovered something new about myself: I LOVE painting with watercolor! It's ridiculously fun and calming! I'm thinking about offering my couples, seniors, and families a custom watercolor along with a framed photograph from their session as part of a new package. What do you think? I'm also thinking about accepting commissions for personalized watercolors that would make unique wedding, baby shower, and anniversary gifts.  Here's a painting I just finished for a good friend that loves the book Persuasion!

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Demi + Genre' Sneak Peek I have been very MIA lately when it comes to blogging and for that I apologize! Here's a little something to tide you over!


Demi and Genre's wedding was absolutely gorgeous! Coral pink dresses, baby's breath, the most gorgeous venue, Rivermill Event Centre. We worked with the wonderful husband and wife videography team, Helen and Paul, with Creativideos. Here's a link to their website (you can sneak a peek at our very own wedding video they did which we LOVE!) Anyway, enough talk. Enjoy the photos!

(C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder

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Amy & Ben Hosey/9 Years and Counting! Words cannot even begin to describe how excited I am to share today's photos! I had the pleasure of meeting two amazing people yesterday. I only met them yesterday and I only spent a couple hours around them, but one thing's for sure: this couple loves each other. In a world where marriages seem to be falling apart, it's always refreshing to meet people like Amy and Ben Hosey. They've been married for 9 years and yet Ben makes Amy laugh and smile so genuinely that I'd believe it if you told me that they had just met and were falling in love right then and there. But who am I to say? See for yourselves.

(C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder

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Just a few favorites from the past... "My advice is not to compr‚Äčomise. Photographs are literally the only thing you hold onto after the wedding is over, the better the photographer, the better your story is told."-Brett Heidebrecht

I cannot stress how true this statement is! As a recent bride, I know how much time, effort, and money goes into choosing the flowers, the bridesmaids dresses, "the Dress", the tuxedos, the centerpieces... everything! But for some reason, we as brides tend to forget that these things are very momentary and are gone once the day is over. It's like we have a temporary lapse in sanity and good judgment when we are faced with the challenge of planning our big day. But, all is not lost IF the bride hires a professional photographer to save all the special details, moments, and emotions of the day. And trust me, not just anyone will do. The photographer has to share your vision, your idea of how you want to preserve your special day, and have the skill and experience to carry it out. Otherwise, you might as well use plastic tablecloths, fake and fading silk flowers, and wear a big white sheet for your wedding dress because the cheapo photographer that agrees to take your wedding photos for $100 won't deliver quite what you'd hoped. And you'll have nothing beautiful or lasting to prove that your day was indeed both magical and stunning. Trust me, it is worth the couple thousand you spend on hiring a professional.

But I digress. Anywho, thought I'd share a few favorites from the past:

(C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder

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Waiting for Leyah Allow me to introduce the Holmes family! They're expecting a new addition the their family at the end of the month! They were so laid back and open to trying new things. I freaking love that! I haven't had a whole bunch of practice with maternity photos, but they sure showed a lot of faith in me. Lol. Hope you enjoy!


(C) Bill Yoder

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The Beilens While driving around in the country, I noticed the strangest thing: A field of yellow summer flowers.

In the middle of frigid fall.


Regardless, I took advantage of this miraculous discovery by taking Rebekah and her two kids out their for some pictures! What. A. Blast! Shayne, the most gorgeous blue-eyed girl you've ever seen loved the camera! Bradley, her brother, a previous self-proclaimed photo-taker hater, ended up having the most fun out of all of us. I let him kick around ant beds, sprint across the field and throw rocks (away from our general direction of course) and asked him to stay still for a picture every so often. He loved it! If anything, my goal is to make what was once such a horrific, torturous occasion (getting your photos taken) into something that is fun. 

Mission accomplished.

See for yourself! Enjoy!



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The Reets Often times, people think that the photographer photographs someone else's moments and memories, which is essentially true. However, what many fail to realize is that every time a photographer looks at their past work, a little piece of their own personal memory/life is embedded in that photograph. It makes sense. They were there, behind the camera, waiting, interacting, unseen in the resulting photograph. But nonetheless there. Such is the case with every photograph I've taken. I remember the laughter, the conversation, the personalities, and the excitement in working so hard in finally getting "The Shot."

It is what makes my job so incredibly amazing. What I love most about my job is the chance I get to meet and know every person I photograph.

The Reets boys session is no different. 

These guys are exploding with so much intelligence and personality it's insane! But so incredibly endearing! Zane, while serious and quite hateful towards the thought of getting photographed, is really a sweet softie at heart. (When the horrible ordeal of getting his photo taken was over, he gave me a dozen of his chickens eggs and insisted on giving me a ride on his ATV. See? Softie at heart.) Elias, his younger brother, is goofy, happy, and quite the talker. A future lady-killer for sure ;) 


I hope you get a glimpse of their personalities, a part of my memories, and the love that these people have for each other! Enjoy!


(C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder

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The Killmons What a fun and crazy family! I think we took more silly shots than we did the serious, family-card-worthy shots :) Which I LOVE. Why be so serious when it comes to getting your photos taken?

The love this family has for each other is undeniable! Stacy and Dwight have been together since their early twenties and are proof that friendship is most important when it comes to staying in love. It was so much fun photographing them and their kids! Enjoy!

(C) Bill Yoder

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Mae Kurihara Photography = Mae Fox Photography 2013 has been a year full of happiness, excitement and changes! One of which involved getting married to the most amazing man, Cody Fox. Which then resulted in my changing my name. I figure that Mae Fox is far easier to pronounce, spell, and remember than Mae Kurihara. LOL. Thus the reason for my company name change! 


Another piece of excitement was the birth of my niece Esme Raine:

(C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder (C) Bill Yoder

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