(C) Bill Yoder

Tip #1 Trust the photographer. Hands down, this is one of the most important factors that affect the kick-butt factor for your photos. As a warning, if you've booked an engagement session, please know that I may say things like, "Touch noses" or "Act like you're smelling her hair." I'll be asking you to lie down on the ground, jump, make silly faces, look off into the distance, laugh on command... You'll feel really stupid. But trust me. Your pictures will look fabulous as long as you trust me and run with the instructions I give you.


Tip # 2 Feel hot! I hereby give you permission to look stunning! For once, you are allowed to "try too hard" without anyone judging. Pick an outfit that makes you feel amazing! Pretend like this is your next big modeling break, pretend to be modeling for an ad in Instyle magazine or GQ.. Stare at yourself in the mirror and admire yourself and your best features. Or whatever. Do whatever it takes to come to your session feeling HOT!

Tip # 3 Have FUN. Yes, yes I hate the camera as much as anyone but please, relax. This is supposed to be fun! Laugh as much as you want, be silly, let loose! Make silly faces when the mood strikes you. Be yourself. There's nothing I hate more than a stiff model!

Tip #4 Ignore the camera. Please don't smile and look at the camera and freeze for 20 seconds. PLEASE. Unless I ask you to of course. If you've booked an engagement session, talk to each other, be in love, look each other in the eye, think of why you fell in love with the person in front of you. It will help me capture the love between you two in its purest, rawest form.