(C) Bill Yoder

|| Ways to make your photographer LOVE you (and your outfits): ||


- Wear dark jeans.

- Wear fitted tailored looking pants.

- Navy blue is always a flattering, classy color so wear that if all else fails.

- Just a hint, red photographs beautifully!

- Avoid wearing overly casual clothing.

- Avoid turquoise, sky blue... The color is rather bright and can throw off colors. Go for a more gray-blue, powder blue, or darker blue.

- Ladies, choose feminine style over overly casual.

- Hire a professional hair and make-up artist for yourself. This makes such a huge difference!

- For the ladies, wear statement necklaces, scarves, or earrings.  It’s lovely when these things have bright sparkle or bright pops of color.

- Avoid being too matchy matchy with your family or fiance.



What can I do to avoid being too matchy-matchy?

  1. Patterns are not always bad. Often times if the ladies wear a pattern like florals, the others can find colors in the dress and wear solid colors. Stripes and polka dots can also be very pretty!
  2. When in doubt, neutrals like grays, tans, dark khakis, white, creams, and chambray never look bad on camera. They are personally some of my favorite color combinations.
  3. Pair contrasting colors

         -Navy blue with mustard yellow

         -Mint + coral

         -Magenta + Mustard yellow

         - Bright red + pale blue

  1. One can wear patterns while the other can wear solid, neutral colors. It is not always necessary for each to wear bright colors.